Digital Marketing

Online marketing is a proven marketing strategy and latest trend in marketing industry. It’s capabilty to generate high marketing impact at lower cost has become the most adopted marketing tools nowadays.

Why online Marketing?

Online Branding

The primary reason for beginning an Internet Marketing campaign is to increase product awareness. As they are browsing the web or performing internet searches,

Meet changing Demands

Television, radio and print ads still have their places in the marketing industry, but with technology on the rise, more and more consumers have access to the web.

Benefits Digital Marketing

Consumer Preference

Online purchases have been increasing sharply over the last several years. This is due in part to busy lifestyles and the convenience of getting information

Increase Sales

By providing consumers with the opportunity to purchase products online rather than physically driving to a location or sending an order form by mail,

Increase Website Traffic

The use of articles or Social Media as a marketing strategy will undoubtedly drive traffic to a business’s website. The more people visit, the better the conversion rate.

Improved Credibility

Maintaining an online presence via Internet Marketing is a great way to keep up with the times and provide consumers with all of the opportunities they need 24 hours a day.

Always Availabe to customers

Work schedules and certain lifestyles can have an impact on consumers’ abilities to physically go shopping during normal business hours. However users are always online nowadays!

Cost efficiency

Internet Marketing is one of the most cost-effective methods of advertisement. The costs associated with starting a website and promoting it online is much lower than other conventional marketing channels

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Facebook &
Google Ads

Facebook offers the advertisers a solution where they can target their ad campaigns to people’s interests. You have a website where you publish recipes, you can advertise it on Facebook targeting women of a certain age who like cooking.

On the other hand Google Ads are targeted to meet the keywords you define in your campaign. Cooking can be one of the keywords. You can also include other related keywords. Your ad is displayed when these keywords match and your ad beats other advertiser’s bid on that
particular property.

Search Engine

Search Engine Optimization is an online marketing technique which means to optimise your website in order for it to receive higher rankings in the organic listings of search engine results pages, thus driving more traffic to the website.

These positive results have drawn many companies to invest huge portion of their marketing budget on SEO to fight the top position in search engines because they know the benefits of SEO are monumental.

SMS & Email

Almost everyone owns a mobile phone today. People are fine tuned to skip commercials on TV however interesting they may seem. Bulk messaging service is one of the most popular means of marketing employed by several fashion stores, music and movie retailers, restaurants etc.

Bulk messaging solutions can not only be used for advertising local businesses, but also for offering coupons and discounts to existing customers, to conducts contests and surveys and for letting customers know about other services and offers provided by the business.

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